About Company

Who we are and what we do.

Production of anchovy started in cooperation with the Finns forty years ago at the Culinary Factory of the S.M. Kirov Fisherman’s Farm. At first anchovy was produced for the Estonian and Finnish markets only. Subsequently, Denmark, Latvia and outsourcing to Germany (Norda Lysell), with whom we worked together for almost twenty years, were added. During the privatization process, the company has changed its name and location several times. The current name of the company is H.M. Seafood OÜ.

The plant has been brought into compliance with the requirements of the European Union, including HACCP requirements.

Main export markets: Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Latvia. The raw material originates from the FAO area 27.

We are extremely flexible in meeting the wishes and visions of our clients, with the common goal of achieving success in a particular market while taking into account the local taste preferences. We produce according to clients’ recipes, using their packaging design and trademark – white lable products.

The mission of H.M. Seafood OÜ is to be a reliable partner to the clients of the chosen markets, continuously improving the quality of our products and raising the level of satisfaction of all interested parties.

The vision of H.M. Seafood OÜ is to increase its competitiveness in international markets through the implementation of certified food safety management system.


  •  Fish products of high European quality.
  • Begin the process of product development of fishery products with high-quality raw materials and bring the products to market with full responsibility for its safety and quality, taking into account the wishes of the client, in accordance with the agreed conditions and being environmentally friendly;
  • Adhere to the principles of food safety, to comply with national laws, rules of work organization, code of ethics and staff responsibilities, and to comply with IFS standard requirements.
  • Giving priority to sustainable fisheries when purchasing raw material.
  • Ensure an effective self-checking system and everything necessary, including working conditions and equipment, for measuring food safety;
  • Ensure hygiene training at all levels of the company, ensure that all of the staff is aware of the company’s current quality and food safety policy, implementation of the policy throughout the supply chain.

Food safety policy is reviewed by management annually, updated as necessary. The management of H.M. Seafood OÜ emphasizes the importance of response to consumer complaints and the implementation of subsequent measures.